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"Schneider Cup 3"

        At the end of 1917, SocietÓ Idrovolanti Alta Italia designed the S.12 biplane flying-boat , with a rather angular empennage. Its missions were reconnaissance and bombardment. Its capabilities were exceptional for the times:  easy piloting, it had a maximum speed of approximately 220 km/h and offered marine qualities of first order. But it was not the subject of any order on behalf of the Italian navy.
        The machine which won the Schneider Cup of 1920, in Venice, at the mean velocity of 172.484 km/h was an S.12bis controlled by Lieutenant Luigi Bologna. It was a single-seater,  driven by an Ansaldo ╩29 engine equipped with a pusher airscrew with four blades. It was the only aircraft to cover the entire 200 nautical miles of the circuit.